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That’s me, on the left, aged six or so. Wasn’t I cute? But now, for more than 20 years I’ve been a wanderer. I visit where I’m happy and stay there as long as I stay happy. Then I move on. I like to think of it not as moving on, rather as ‘Living the next chapter.’ I’m always based at home, which for me is near London, U.K., and that’s the place I return to for a dose of the civilised world. For more about thoughts of ‘home’ click here to read a short article about it. (opens in new window)

In the past I’ve spent time in Tennessee, U.S.A.; Amsterdam in the Netherlands; London, U.K.; Pattaya in Thailand and most recently in Siem Reap in Cambodia.

My imagination is wide-ranging and through this website, you can explore samples of it. Do have a look through. Oh! In case you didn’t realise, I build websites too. Although, now they’re for my own use rather than other people’s.

I enjoy writing articles, short stories and books. Currently I’m between projects. I’ve just finished working on The Tea Room. This is humorous(?) look at a pair of aged drag queens. The Baroness Aster thinks she can solve all of Cambodia’s woes by opening a tea room and feeding starving children Devon cream teas. Her companion, Dorothy, wants to stop the self-opinionated Aster from disgracing herself too much.

Before that I wrote a dark tale of caving and ghosts. Spirits of the Manor tells a double tale, based in 1986 and 1759.

The White Building. This is another dark tale of life in a slum in Phnom Penh. It is factional, based on research done by a friend of mine for her own article. The book is receiving great acclaim.

Prior to this, I wrote three books in the Dragon Series – a fantasy series with dragons and magic swords, set in Angkor, both ancient and futuristic.

My first series, Cambodian Innocence looked at the lives of young people in Cambodia and the trials they face. It covers a gang of boys, fighting sex trafficking, scams in Cambodia, and the pride of youth. The final book, Logan’s Cambodian Adventure, is based 5 years later and draws the series to an end.


Me in Peru, 2006Who knows where I will be visiting in a year’s time? It all depends where I am happy!


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