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Me aged 6 or so!covers_160210Currently I live in Cambodia, although for more than 20 years I’ve been a wanderer. I live where I’m happy and stay there as long as I stay happy. Then I move on. I like to think of it not as moving on, rather as ‘Living the next chapter.’ Considering my current

In the past I’ve lived in Tennessee, U.S.A.; Amsterdam in the Netherlands; London, U.K.; Pattaya in Thailand and most recently in Siem Reap in Cambodia.

My interests are wide-ranging and through this website, you can explore some of them.

Currently I list:

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Writing articles, short stories and books. Currently I’m between projects. I’ve just finished working on The White Building. This is a dark tale of life in a slum in Phnom Penh. This book is receiving great acclaim. Before that I wrote three books in the Dragon Series – a fantasy series with dragons and magic swords, set in Angkor, both ancient and futuristic. My previous series,  Cambodian Innocence looked at the lives of young people in Cambodia and the trials they face.

Me in Peru, 2006Writing travel blogs (which combines the two above!) – this is a good one with my own current story in it! – click here for “My Story”

Researching my own (and other people’s) Family History

Photography – both taking my own pictures and running a handy iPhone Photo Course

Use the items on the menu bars above , or click the links to see examples of all these!

Who knows where I will be in a year’s time? It all depends where I am happy!


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