A word that evokes different feelings in different people’s minds.

To you or me, it might be the place you live at the moment, your house, your flat, the place where your family are right now. ‘An Englishman’s home is his castle’. ‘Home is where the heart is’. ‘Let the night o’ertake thee everywhere at home’. ‘Home sweet home’ – the list of expressions is endless … To a website designer, it is the first page on a website, which is why you’ve ended here.

To Sopheap? It was a shack in rural Cambodia. Now? Maybe a park in Central London.

To Logan? Well, he really doesn’t know. He can’t remember. He wished he did. Today, maybe it’s the floor of the sala chan at Keo Sovan Pagoda, Pursat. Tomorrow? A weaver’s hut in Takeo.

To Chan? It’s a doorway of an abandoned shop in Siem Reap.

Follow the adventures of Sopheap, Logan and their friends as they tackle serious difficulties facing a minority of unfortunate young boys in Cambodia; whether sex trafficking depicted in all its nastiness in CAMBODIAN INNOCENCE or living on the street and trafficking for other reasons in CAMBODIAN PRIDE. Whether the problems of orphanages, forced evacuations, starvation or living on the landfill in the final part of the trilogy CAMBODIAN TREACHERY, no trouble will be too sensitive for the gang to investigate.

There is a sequel book when the guys are eighteen. Read the final, final, final book in the series – LOGAN’S CAMBODIAN ADVENTURE