The third book in the series is now available online!

Seyha in Pursat has been approached by an orphanage to ‘buy’ him in. He needs the money but is suspicious of their motives; especially when they ask him to move to Siem Reap. He sends an urgent letter via his friends Kakada and the Venerable Puth to his buddy Logan.

But the Venerable Puth arrives at Siem Reap Airport with the letter just as Logan’s plane is taking off.

When the letter finally catches us with the boy, it is Easter Friday, months later. What has Seyha done in the meantime? How is he surviving as a Cambodian Orphan? Is the orphanage really a hotbed of CAMBODIAN TREACHERY, betraying the trust of their children and their visitors?

How will the gang cope with forced evacuations, starvation or living on the landfill in the final part of the trilogy? How will they deal with the milk scam and other ways people try to rip money off tourists under false pretences?

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