Logan is 18; it’s his and Alex’s birthday. Agatha gives them letters she has been keeping for many years. The news is disturbing. Then a friend who they’ve not seen for years arrives on their doorstep and persuades them to set off for Cambodia, and for an adventure. The boys are thrown into a whirlwind of personal attacks, and uncertainty as they battle with evil.

Their personal demons haunt them as they join with Brian, Agatha and Pete to overcome a gang of sex traffickers for the second time.

Will Logan find out who the mastermind is? Will Alex overcome his problem with alcohol? How will their new friend Sineth help them? Or is he, in fact, a spy in the camp?

Join the boys in this sequel to the Cambodian Innocence series. It is a dark tale of sex trafficking and gay love, set in troubled times in Cambodia. In the previous books, the good guys win in the end? Can their luck hold out?

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