Set in the Angkor Region of Cambodia, the Dragon Series of books covers a millennium of history. It starts in the year 1214 when the temple of Bayon was being completed. The books follow the mythical history of the elite of the Region until the final destruction and ignominy of that temple.

The series covers the past, the near future, and an imaginary future where the world has changed beyond our comprehension. Follow The dragons as they rampage through the centuries, first as tamed helpers, and finally as sworn adversaries.

How will the human race fare under the rule of the dragons? Read the Dragon Series and find out.

The Great Swords of Power were forged at the end of the First Age of Mankind to bind the dragons and keep them subservient. Five of the seven have been held by the good to bind the child dragons. The mother, bound by the Black, has rampaged through time. Her evil master, the Lord of Darkness, poses the greatest danger to the Kingdom of Ganbozhi in the first two books.

The White, bound by Horlevik, sleeps. The whereabouts of his sword of binding is unknown. Or is it? The third book tells of the terrible awakening of Horlevik and the havoc he creates.

Gathering of Dragons

King Jaya Varman VII, ancient, grossly overweight and semi-invalided is tired. He wants to abdicate and hand the rule of Ganbozhi to his son. However, which son will accept the challenge? Certainly not his eldest. Vira has declined to accept the Sighith, Red Sword of the Crown Prince. He would never accept Karnargel, the Golden Sword of the King.

Sixteen-year-old Prince Indra is deaf. The king thinks he is a fool. Yet, he is the sole remaining heir to take over from the king when he retires, at least the sole heir the king knows about . . .

The Chief Priest of the Chugu, Nandi, whispers and plots behind the king’s back. Will his ambition to become the king himself be fulfilled? Will the other ministers of the king’s council, and his nagging bickering wives wear the king out to the point where Nandi can take control?

Dhara ‘op Thnal Torteng, is also sixteen. He sets out on a journey with his wife and friends. Before he goes, his father tells him of his true past and gives him Pithily, the Blue Sword as his birthright. How does Dhara cope with finding he is a royal prince, rather than a simple farmer and smith’s son as he thought.

Tumult of Dragons

Larm ‘op Treak surprisingly defeats Dhara in the Tournament of Champions. The two develop a great friendship and go to the smith’s forge to create a sword for him. The smith turns on the pair, and Dhara calls on his dragon to free them. As compensation for the smith’s duplicity, they steal a sword from the forge. It appears to be a copy of the great swords. How will Larm fare in the finals of the Championship with his new copy weapon?

Draco, the Dragon Boy, finds the Green Sword of the Dragon. His terrible past, shunned by all and abandoned by his father, leads him into hiding. When he eventually reveals himself, his prodigious knowledge of healing helps Prince Indra to regain his hearing.

And then there’s Byaggha. The Tiger Man has been around since the dawn of time. He saw the great swords being created and will see their destruction. How can he help the good defeat the Black?

Cataclysm of Dragons

The year is 2029. Chanta and Chanty Rithy are twins. They are also telepaths, telekineticists and biolocators. The powers of their minds are among the most developed of the children in the Siem Reap School for Paranaturals.

Larm Sorng is a slum-boy from Treakville. He was placed in the school by the police when he threw a pile of plates at a former employer with his mind.

Roxanna Christiansen, an ex-pat from Greenland and teacher at the school, is tasked by the Headmaster to find out the true extent of their powers.

Herr Doktor Gottfried von Dunkelheit seeks the power to exchange bodies with a younger self and thereby live forever. He needs Angkor Khmer Structures, headed by Seourn Rithy to move the Bayon and replace it with a printed 3D copy. It will join his other stolen monuments in his hidden lair in Germany. His plan to shake Siem Reap into submission with violent earthquakes and lightning storms seems to be working. The Excellency has signed the papers and agreed to the move. All goes well until he invites Chanta and grandfather Socheat Rithy to his flying lair, fifty-thousand feet above Cambodia.

The boys discover they have been gifted Great Swords of Power. Their brother, father and grandfather, also find binding weapons. They follow their separate paths until they combine their skills to attack Horlevik on the sacred Phnom Bakheng. Will they defeat the ultimate enemy? More importantly, what will the price be for mankind?

Ambush of Dragons

The Dragons are free and control the World. There are no computer chips. There is no electricity. Modern society has collapsed. People live as they did a thousand years ago. The Dragoneers battle with the Levellers to control Siem Reap.

Will Saphira, Roxanna’s daughter find the Apprentice Sword and meet Byaggha? Will her half-brothers succeed in their challenge? What is their heritage?

Byaggha himself is dying. He has seen out four ages of mankind, and his supply of the liquor of eternal life has dried up. Can he pass on the memories and secrets of his lifetime to Saphira before he dies?

The dragons have started fighting among themselves. Can the Levellers use this rift to restore the balance between humans and beasts?

Ambush of Dragons is being written now and will be on the bookshelves next year. A fifth book is planned to draw the series to a fresh climax.