The year is 1214. Ancient, obese, invalided King Jaya Varman VII has been on the throne for thirty years. He is beset by a sycophantic council and a pair of scheming wives who can’t stand each other. He is fed up with climbing the Celestial Temple every night to couple with the Dragon Woman. He wants to abdicate, but his oldest son, Vira, won’t accept the challenges of the role as king. His only other surviving heir, Indra, is sixteen and in the king’s mind, a fool.

Prince Indra and his mother set out on a royal procession to the Hospital Temple of the Entwined Dragons. As they pass through the poor quarter of the city, they are beset by the mob. The queen makes a stand outside the Victory Gate and kills Bhava, the incompetent head of the army. She presents his Red Sword of Power to Prince Indra.

Meanwhile, Dhara, a peasant boy from Thnal Torteng village sets out with his wife and friends to the Temple of the Entwined Dragons. He, like Prince Indra, has white hair, despite only being sixteen. His father spins him a tale before he leaves, that he is adopted. His real mother gave the baby to their family along with a gift. The Blue Sword of Power was given to a common family.

Byaggha, the Tiger Man, watches everything happen. He is the holder of the Orange Sword of Power and has watched since time began. Will he manage to unite the good in their fight against the Lord of Darkness, his Black Sword, Draghnipa and the Black Dragon?

And what of Mek? He lives in 2014 and is deaf like Prince Indra. He borrows a manuscript from Byaggha’s mobile library and reads about the history of the Kingdom. Mek loves dragons and magic swords. How will he react when he is summoned to take the place of a dead hero in the past?

Part one of the Dragon Series. Read more here.

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