The five good have united.

Dhara has registered to take part in the grand sword-fighting tournament of the Jai-Dee festival. His first bout is against Larm ‘op Treak.

The lad beats him in the opening fight, and the two become fast friends.

As a token of their friendship, Dhara takes Larm to his friend the blacksmith. However, the man dupes him and imprisons him while he goes to fetch the Mohendra, servant of the Lord of Darkness. Will Dhara escape?

What will Larm do with the copy sword of power he steals from the smith’s shop?

Meanwhile, Samtac Srida tricks Prince Indra and his new friend, Soma. Instead of stealing the Red Sword of Power as he intended, he kidnaps Meara, Dhara’s wife. Intent on making her a sacrifice to free the Lord of Darkness, they are again thwarted by Byaggha.

The preparations for the Festival of Jai-Dee are well under way. Everyone is looking forward to the tournament and the firework display. However, a vast army of soldiers of the Lord of Darkness is sweeping down from the mountains, burning and looting every village as they pass. They kill the men and rape the women. Thnal Torteng, Dhara’s village, lies directly in their path.

Will the villagers flee or fight? Dhara asks Larm for help, but the boy merely walks away. Can Dhara’s reinforcements save the village alone? Where has his former friend, Larm gone? What surprises lay in store for the attaching horde?

The festival starts, but the king summons the holder of the swords of power. It is time to face the Black. The good head to the summit of Mount Meru on Earth. It is time for the final battle with the Lord of Darkness. What role will Meara play in the final battle? Will the firework display live up to the expectations of the crowd at the festival?

Part two of the Dragon Series

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