Starboy is a New Adult mystery novel with a touch of comedy. Follow Darason, the so-called son of the Lord of Stars, from his birth to his ‘going away’. Set mainly in Siem Reap, Cambodia and on the planet Thestias, this story is an irreverent look at the exploits of our planet’s next saviour.

Watch the child as his power grows. Guided by the uber-camp angel, Julian, Darason struggles with his parentage. Who is his true father? Is it the drunken fianc√© of his mother? Could it be the westerner who shares Darason’s strange grey eyes? How about Julian, the angel? Or is it Astaroth, the Lord of Stars himself?

Darason’s path leads him to El Capitan in Yosemite, where he is approached by his nemesis. Will the being succeed in persuading Darason to revert to the dark side and worship him, or will our hero triumph? Darason’s one desire is to learn to fly. When offered the chance of being saved if he leaps from the summit of El Cap., how will Darason react?

The thrilling finale, set at the Cambodian New Year in Siem Reap, brings Darason and his acolytes to the Angkorian Temple of Bayon. Here, the Devil makes one last attempt to foil Julian’s plan. Will Good triumph, or will Darason be destroyed before he can complete his mission?

Follow their struggles with jealousy, temptation and treachery as their paths intertwine. A new twist on one of the oldest stories. Thanks to Luke for the inspiration.

Coming May 9th – preorder your Kindle copy now! https://www.amazon.com/Starboy-Guy-Singer-ebook/dp/B06ZZ9TPSL/ref=sr_1_1 or search “Starboy” on your own Kindle store.

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