A Mission of Mercy

Follow the adventures of the Baroness Aster Moffat of Woolfardisworthy (that is pronounced Woolsery, darling. Dontcha know your Devonshire place names?) and Miss Dorothy Gwendoline Hunton-Blather as they travel from their home in Devon to Siem Reap, on the doorstep of the magnificent temples of Angkor. Aster’s mission, to save the children of Cambodia from starving by opening a real Devon tea room in the tropics where the impoverished youngsters can receive succour. Dorothy’s mission, to stop Aster from disgracing herself too badly.

Join the two grand ‘ladies’, ably assisted by their faithful Cambodian retainer, Sopheak, and their new young friend Derek, formerly a junior reporter with the Siem Reap Post, and now pressed into their service.

Their tasks are obfuscated by their new friends, a gang of bellboys from the prestigious Raffles Hotel, as they scour the Cambodian countryside for supplies for the venture and perpetrators of misdeeds. Follow their travails as they establish the Tea Room, as ‘the place to be seen’ in the tropics of the old Indochinese Empire.

And what of their precious ceramic elephant mascot, bought in Camden Passage market, but drawing more than passing interest from a person or persons unknown, who are following them. Will the ‘villains’ manage to steal their valuable ancient relic?

A new novel bringing you the unlikely adventures of two fading gay socialites with a penchant for scones, strawberry jam and cute young men, written by Guy Singer, author of the acclaimed ‘White Building’, the book was released on 4th January 2017, on Amazon.

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